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Create chat completion

With the OpenAI block, you can create a chat completion based on your user queries and display the answer back to your typebot.

OpenAI block

This integration comes with a convenient message type called Dialogue. It allows you to easily pass a sequence of saved assistant / user messages history to OpenAI:

OpenAI messages sequence

Then you can give the OpenAI block access to this sequence of messages:

OpenAI messages sequence

Create speech

This action allows you to transform a text input into an audio URL that you can reuse in your bot.


The generated audio URLs are temporary and expire after 7 days. If you need to store them, make sure to download them before they expire.

Using Multiple Open AI Blocks: Tips and Tricks

In this video, I discuss some important things to keep in mind when using multiple Open AI blocks consecutively. I provide an example where we ask the user for a topic, generate a summary, and display a list of authors.

I explain that streaming messages is not possible when they are prefixed or suffixed by text, and that all blocks need to compute before displaying anything.

I also demonstrate how formatting can be affected by the presence of text before a message. Watch this video to learn how to optimize your use of multiple Open AI blocks.


Error message: "OpenAI block returned error"

It means your OpenAI block is not configured properly. Please check the following:

  • You have selected an OpenAI account
  • You have at least 1 user message or a Dialogue message set up.

It returns an empty message

It most likely mean that you exceeded your OpenAI free quota. Add a payment method to your OpenAI account to continue using it.