The general settings represent the general behaviors of your typebot.

  • Prefill input: If enabled, the inputs will be automatically pre-filled whenever their associated variable has a value.
  • Hide query params on bot start: If enabled, the query params will be hidden when the bot starts.
  • Remember user

Typing emulation

By default, your typebot will emulate a certain typing speed. It is considered a good default as slow as a human typing speed and it’s not too fast so that multiple bubbles can be read sequentially.

You can customize this typing speed in the settings:

Typing emulation

The goal of a typebot is not to pretend that the bot is a real human. So we suggest not setting the typing speed too low.

The Disable on first message allows you to disable the typing emulation on the first message. This is useful if you want to lower the first message display time since the site can take some time to load first.

The Delay between messages by default is 0 and you can increase it up to 5 seconds if you want to add a delay between every messages sent by the typebot. If you ever want to pause the bot just once. You can insert a Wait block between both messages.


By default, your typebot can be executed from any origin but you can restrict the execution of your typebot to specific origins. This is useful if you want to embed your typebot in your website and prevent it from being executed on other websites by malicious actors.

For example, if you want to allow your typebot to be executed only on, you can add to the list of allowed origins.

If you add a URL to the list but omit, then your typebot shareable URL will not work anymore.


In the Metadata section, you can customize how the preview card will look if you share your bot URL on social media for example.

You can also add some custom head code to add third-party scripts.

Google Tag Manager

Allows you to easily add a GTM container to your bot. To find your GTM container ID, go to your GTM dashboard and click on the container you want to use. The ID is displayed in the top right corner.

Note that you should not include it if you are embedding your typebot in an existing website. GTM should be installed in the parent website instead.