Once your bot is published you start to collect results from your users. You can see all the results in the Results tab of your bot.

You might be surprised to see partially filled results. This is normal and expected. Your typebot collects the answers as soon as they are filled by the user, even if the user doesn’t complete the whole conversation. This is useful to understand where users are dropping off and to improve your bot. This is one of Typebot’s greatest features.

More options menu

More options menu

Export all results to a CSV file

You can export all results to a CSV file. This will download a CSV file with all the results from the current bot.

The Include deleted blocks option, if enabled, will include answers from blocks that doesn’t exist any more (was part of a previous version of your bot).

Re-arrange and hide specific columns

To make your result table more readable, you can re-arrange and hide specific columns.

Column settings


For each result, you’ll find a “See logs” button that can show you what went wrong while executing an integration such as Send email, Google Sheets, or a Webhook call:

See logs buttons