Create Message

With the Anthropic block, you can create chat messages based on your user queries and display the answer back to your typebot using Claude AI.

Anthropic block

Similarly to the OpenAI block, this integration comes with a convenient message type called Dialogue. It allows you to easily pass a sequence of saved assistant / user messages history to Claude AI:

Claude AI messages sequence

Then you can give the Claude AI block access to this sequence of messages:

Claude AI messages sequence

Finally, save the response of the assistant to a variable in order to append it in the chat history and also display it on your typebot.

Claude AI assistant message variable

Vision support

Create Chat Message and Ask Assistant blocks support vision. This means that Typebot automatically detects images URL in any user message provided to OpenAI and parse it. The URL needs to be isolated from the rest of the text message to be properly detected. Here is an example of a message with an image URL:

If the selected model is not compatible with vision, the image URL will be parsed as a plain text message.

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