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The Chatwoot integration block allows you to open a Chatwoot widget to allow your user to directly talk to a human. It allows you to add a Live Chat layer on your typebot.


For this integration, you need a Chatwoot account and create a "Website" inbox:

Create website inbox


Insert a Chatwoot block where you want to trigger the widget:

Chatwoot block

To find your website token, head over to Chatwoot in your Inbox settings:

Find website token

You can prefill user information by adding collected variables to the "Set user details" inputs.

For example, if you set the "Email" input to "[email protected]" then Chatwoot will automatically associate this email to the current user.

Custom attributes

You can add these custom attributes that Typebot will automatically fill in for you:

Result URL

You can link the current result URL to the Chatwoot conversation by creating this custom attribute:

Chatwoot custom attribute