The Chatwoot integration block allows you to open a Chatwoot widget to allow your user to directly talk to a human. It allows you to add a Live Chat layer on your typebot.


For this integration, you need a Chatwoot account and create a “Website” inbox:

Create website inbox


Insert a Chatwoot block where you want to trigger the widget:

Chatwoot block

To find your website token, head over to Chatwoot in your Inbox settings:

Find website token

You can prefill user information by adding collected variables to the “Set user details” inputs.

For example, if you set the “Email” input to ”[email protected]” then Chatwoot will automatically associate this email to the current user.

Custom attributes

You can add these custom attributes that Typebot will automatically fill in for you:

Result URL

You can link the current result URL to the Chatwoot conversation by creating this custom attribute:

Chatwoot custom attribute

Set user behavior

If you are prefilling user information, by default, if you leave the ID input empty, it will set the Chatwoot user ID as either the Email or the Result ID.

Setting the Email as the ID allows us to avoid having contact not properly merged together (