The “Script” block allows you to execute Javascript code.

This block doesn’t allow you to create a custom visual block
Code block

Variables in script are not parsed, they are evaluated. So it should be treated as if it were real javascript variables.

You need to write console.log({{My variable}}) instead of console.log("{{My variable}}")

setVariable function

If you want to set a variable value with Javascript, the Set variable block is more appropriate for most cases.

However, if you’d like to set variables in a Script block, you can use the setVariable function in your script:

if({{My variable}} === 'foo') {
  setVariable('My variable', 'bar')
} else {
  setVariable('My variable', 'other')

The setVariable function is only available in script executed on the server, so it won’t work if the Execute on client? is checked.

Limitations on scripts executed on server

Because the script is executed on a isolated and secured environment, there are some limitations.

  • Global functions like console.log, setTimeout, setInterval, etc. are not available

  • The fetch function behavior is slightly different from the native fetch function. You just have to skip the await response.text() or await response.json() part.

    // ❌ This throws an error
    const response = await fetch('')
    const data = await response.text()
    // ✅ This works
    const data = await fetch('')

    response will always be a string even if the the request returns a JSON object. If you know that the response is a JSON object, you can parse it using JSON.parse(response).

    // ❌ This throws an error
    const response = await fetch('')
    const data = await response.json()
    // ✅ This works
    const response = await fetch('')
    const data = JSON.parse(response)
  • You can’t use import or require to import external libraries

  • You don’t have access to browser APIs like window, document, localStorage, etc. If you need to use browser APIs, you should check the Execute on client? option so that the script is executed on the user’s browser.


Reload page


Redirect if a variable has a specific value

if({{Category}} === 'qualified') {
  window.location.href = ''

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