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Link to typebot

The typebot link logic block allows you to go into another typebot flow. This ultimately helps keep your flows clean and be able to reuse a flow in multiple places.

Link to typebot logic block

Share variables between bots

The existing variable values are automatically shared to the linked bot. It means that if this linked bot contains similar variable names, it will be automatically pre-filled with the values from the previous bot.

Example: My first bot asks for the user's name and stores it in the Name variable. Then, I link to another bot that displays a Name variable in a text bubble. This will display the name collected in the first bot.

Merge answers

The Merge answers option allows you to merge the answers collected from a linked bot to the current bot. This is useful if you want to collect answers from multiple bots and then send them all at once to a third-party app. Or if you just want to collect all the answers into a unified results table.