Get started

  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device.

Running the project locally

  1. Install dependencies

    pnpm i
  2. Set up environment variables

    Copy to .env

    Check out the Configuration guide if you want to enable more options

  3. Make sure you have Docker running

  4. Make sure you have Node.js installed. I suggest you use nvm allowing you to manage different versions. Once you installed nvm, you can install and use the latest version of Node.js: nvm install && nvm use

  5. Start the builder and viewer

    pnpm dev

    Builder is available at http://localhost:3000

    Viewer is available at http://localhost:3001

    Database inspector is available at http://localhost:5555

    By default, you can easily authenticate in the builder using the “Github Sign In” button. For other options, check out the Configuration guide

  6. (Optional) Start the landing page

    Copy apps/landing-page/.env.local.example to apps/landing-page/.env.local

    cd apps/landing-page
    pnpm dev
  7. (Optional) Start the docs

    cd apps/docs
    pnpm start