A blue robot forging a new block

Creating a new block on Typebot is pretty easy and straightforward using our in-house framework The Forge.

If you are considering merging this new block to the official Typebot repository, make sure to open a Github issue first. This will allow us to discuss the specficiation and the best way to implement it.

  1. Install the project locally

  2. Create a new branch:

    git checkout -b MY_BRANCH_NAME
  3. Create your new block using the Forge CLI:

    pnpm run create-new-block
  4. The files should be generated in packages/forge/blocks/YOUR_BLOCK_NAME

  5. Add the block SVG logo in packages/forge/blocks/YOUR_BLOCK_NAME/logo.tsx

  6. Right away you should be able to run the application and see your newly created logo in the sidebar of the editor.

  7. Create a new action in the packages/forge/blocks/YOUR_BLOCK_NAME/actions folder. See Action for more information.

  8. List this action in the actions array in packages/forge/blocks/YOUR_BLOCK_NAME/index.tsx

  9. To go further, check out the Forge documentation.

Make sure to check out other blocks implementations in the packages/forge/blocks folder.

Live tutorials

The creation of ElevenLabs block

The creation of the Telegram block

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