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The Buttons input block allows you to offer your user predefined choices, either single choice options or multiple choices

Single choice

Single choice input allows you to directly split your flow depending on what the user selects by linking any choice to a specific path in your flow.

Link the "Default" item to determine the default path independent of what the user chooses.

Single choice in flowSingle choice in bot

Multiple choices

Multiple choices in flow

How to

Add a "Other" button

Sometimes you want to allow your user to enter a value that is not in the predefined choices. You can do this by adding a "Other" button and connect it to a "Text" input block.

Other button flow

Different replies based on multiple choices

If you'd like to have different replies based on the multiple choices the user selects. You will need to

  1. Save the answer into a variable.
  2. Add a "Condition" block
  3. Add comparisons based on the value of this variable
Condition multiple button flow