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Hidden variables

You can add hidden variables (predefined variables in the URL) to personalize the typebot to your users / audience.

Here is the idea: you could be able to send to Alice the URL so that your typebot could right away greet her with her name without asking her in the first place. And it can work with anything: emails, urls, numbers etc...

To start implementing this, click on Add hidden variables button and type a human-readable name like "First name", "Email", "Phone number", "Photo URL".

Then you will be able to use these variables anywhere in your typebot (in bubbles, conditions, images, avatars...)

Yes! You can even customize the user avatar dynamically 👇

Customize avatar

Depending on how you share your typebot, you can then inject these variables.


You can use the URL builder in the "Share" page to create a URL that will correctly inject the data.

Share url

By embed code#

The starterVariables field is used when you decide to embed your typebot. You can simply populate this object (with code).

Share url

If you're embedding on WordPress, You can use built-in hidden variables.