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Calculation allows you to compute quizz scores or quotes for example.

Formulas in bubbles#

By default, you can do simple calculation directly in a bubble. For example:

  • {{Variable + 20}} will add 20 to Variable.
  • {{Variable1 * Variable2}} will multiply those 2 variables.
  • {{(Variable1 + 10) * Variable2}} will add 10 to Variable1 and then multiply the total.

What's inside the brackets is Javascript code. So here are the available arithmetic operators:

Arithmetic operator

For more info, check out Basic math in JavaScript

Calculation in the background#

Some times, you will want to compute things in the background or add a new variable called score to compute the score of a quizz based on what the user answers.

That's when you'll need to add a Condition that do a calculation. For example:

Compute in conditions

This will add 50 to the variable test if the condition is met.