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HTTP requests

You can send HTTP requests directly in your Typebot if you need to call your own API or a Webhook. To do this, you need to add a Condition and set a "Execute HTTP request" action.

HTTP condition example

Then you can click on "Configure" in order to customize and test your query:

HTTP configuration example

Make sure that your headers and body are formatted in JSON. Here are valid entries:

HTTP json example

Map response to variables#

You can map the query response to some Typebot variables in order to display them afterwards.

Here is a response example:

{  "statusCode": 200,  "data": {    "Title": "Interstellar",    "Year": "2014",    "Crew": {      "Director": "Christopher Nolan",      "Actors": ["Matthew McConaughey", "Anne Hathaway"]    }  }}

To select the title, you have to type "data.Title". To select the crew director, you would have to type "data.Crew.Director". To select the first actor of the list, you would have to type "data.Crew.Actors[0]"