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Google Sheets

Typebot offers a native Google Sheets integration. It allows you to automatically save your typebot's responses in a sheet.


All you have to do is to enable it in the "Connector" tab:

  1. Connect to your google account

  2. Paste any spreadsheet URL from your Drive. By default, data will be added to the last worksheet of your spreadsheet. ☢ If your worksheet already contains data on the first row, it will be overwritten

    spreadsheet url
  3. Select the question on which you wish to add a new row (Default is when the typebot is over). For example, if I select "Question 3", it will add a row to my spreadsheet whenever someone answers the third question (but it won't add further questions).

    full config


Typebot will add a new column each time it detects a new question or a hidden variable. You can drag & drop the columns to arrange your spreadsheet with the order you like.

full config

My responses aren't save in my spreadsheet#

  • Make sure you're trying on the published version of the typebot (using the public URL for example)
  • Otherwise, it's most likely a bug. Contact me on the application directly.